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Ousman Manneh is first Gambian to started in the Bundesliga

30th September, 2016



Ousman Manneh

Interview by Yannik Cischinsky



With 17 Ousman Manneh came as refugees to Germany. He is now in his home country on everyone's lips. As the first Gambier Manneh was in the starting of a Bundesliga and at all it is only the second player from the West African country, which was used in Germany's highest division. To him therefore was a dream come true. When Blumenthaler SV he found two years ago a first footballing home in Germany, from the dorm in Lesum he hoofed it every day for training.



WERDER.DE: Would you have ever thought that you're a professional footballer?

Ousman Manneh: It was always my big goal, eventually playing professional football - whether in the Bundesliga, the Premier League or Spain. Yes, I have believed in it that I can do it, because without the conviction can not achieve such goals. But I am very grateful to have made it.



WERDER.DE: Who were your role models then?
Ousman Manneh: I had so many models, Zlatan Ibrahimovic for example, or Robin van Persie.



WERDER.DE: Why did you decide despite some other deals Werder?

Ousman Manneh: First, I had a trial with HSV, then at St. Pauli in Schalke and I should also to Wolfsburg, but after I looked at everything to me, I said to myself: I live for a year here in Bremen I know the city, I found friends that can help me and I'm here to school. Why should I leave? Moreover, Werder has brought many young players in the Bundesliga. I was hoping that I get a chance one day.



WERDER.DE: How hard was it then to have to play again in the 3. Liga in the U 23 for a long time?

Ousman Manneh: Of course that was once a bit difficult. I wanted immediately made my first professional game, but patience is one of them. Our U23 captain Raphael Kazior has then told me that it at him as a young player just ran like me. He allowed me exercising early in the pros and had to wait for the first application. He has me well persuaded, saying, You have to continue to believe you and focus yourself. Do not ever think you're not good enough. Go on! It is your chance! ' At that time I learned that not everything today. There's always tomorrow!



WERDER.DE: What role has Alexander Nouri played in your development?

Ousman Manneh: "When I do something good, he looks at me in silence, when I do something bad, he counts me all teammates on exactly what I've done everything wrong. That was unusual, at first I was often angry with him (laughs). But I tried to learn from every mistake and make him a second time. Now I know what he means. Alex asks me. He says I have the quality and I should do something with it.



WERDER.DE: What are your goals? Do you have the one big dream in life?

Ousman Manneh: I always wanted to play in the Bundesliga. I've done last week. My dream is now to become a real striker like Lewandowski or Aubameyang. But I know how incredibly difficult it is.



WERDER.DE: You're only the second Gambier in the Bundesliga. Meaning you something?

Ousman Manneh: "This is very important for me. From my home, it had only a single managed in the Bundesliga. Unfortunately, he was injured after his first appearance, his contract expired and he never played again. For me alone with the Bundesliga use a dream has already come true.



WERDER.DE: Could you imagine to play for the national team of your home country?

Ousman Manneh: Everyone has the desire to play for his home. I'm still young, I still have time. But it is clear: I am from Gambia and I would like to someday play for my home .