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08, October, 2016



Pakalinding village football team recorded second straight win in the ongoing Jarra west district newettan football against Karantaba village and Soma Obama.



The well entertaining game between one of Soma heavy weight Obama FC and Pakalinding village ended with a lone goal from striker Ismaila Ceesay of Pakalinding in the ongoing Jarra west district newettan football yesterday in Soma mini stadium. 



Pakalinding first encounter was against top side Jarra Karantaba village whose players where dominated by six Sukuta zonal first team players and Steve Biko FC striker Dida. The game saw a early goal in the fourth minute by Karantaba forward assisted by Steve Biko FC striker commonly non as DIDA after a fail offside by Pakalinding backline.



The game continues to see two more first half goal's from both sides with the second goal from Pakalinding village equalizer in eighteen minutes from Musa Daffeh and assisted by Lamin Cessay for Pakalinding. Jarra Karantaba when on to score another goal in nineteen minute by Steve Biko FC striker Dida with another fail offside by Pakalinding backline which put another pressure on Pakalinding village for an equalizer before half time. The first half when on with a continuous threats from Karantaba experience side with two plain goal chances by their well experience skipper Lamin Jobe of Bakau United FC, luckily, Pakalinding village when on to defend against the two first half goals by Jarra Karantaba. The first half ended with two goal to one in favour of Karantaba village with a brilliant dominated performance by Karantaba village.



On to the second half, Pakalinding response well with a help of their two substitute in the midfield, Pakalinding scored their second half opener from Alpha Kinteh with a sixty five minutes equalizer follow up of Ebrima Touray Pandy cross bar hit. Pakalinding village start dominating the game after their second equalizer which lead to the instants third goal just five minutes from the second goal, the wining brilliant calm third goal was scored by Musa Daffeh non as Wanger who is playing his club football with Gambia Armed Forces, and who was the only outside player for Pakalinding.



The second half was a battle of who is gonna dominate the game, specially in the midfield were both teams battle hard to control, Pakalinding village edge over Karantaba village of dominating the later part of the game by relying on their three front experience players who out skills the Karantaba back line, Karantaba village players struggle to maintain their first half performance which some fan's watching the game believe that they dominate the game too much in the first and they look tired.




The Jarra West Football newettan has start on the 22nd September 2016 all the results is as follows -



Soma Tabokoto 1-1 Soma Sateba

Pakalinding 1-0 Soma Obama

Soma Tabokoto 2-0 Soma Pipeline

Sankwia 2-1 Karantaba

Soma Sitaba 0-0 Misera

Soma New Town 1-0 SomaZurich FC

Soma AC Matar 4-2 Sare-Musa

Sankwia FC 1-1 Soma Obama

Karantaba 2-3 Pakalinding



By Ousman B Kinteh